Unbelievable! These Rare Sharks Live In An Underwater Volcano.


It’s a discovery that truly startled a team of researchers studying underwater volcanoes at Solomon Islands. Huffington Post reported that Brennan Phillips and his crew dropped a camera around 12 miles from Kavachi, a nearby underwater volcano, to find out what lies underneath. Much to their surprise, something unexpectedly popped up while they were taking […]

Boy With Eight Arms and Legs Undergoes Surgery to Remove Extra Limbs


According to Fox News, 7-year-old Deepak Kumar Paswaan has been called many names. Some people have called him “devil” or “freak” while others have visited their home worshipping him as a god. You see Deepak actually has 4 extra arms and legs due to his underdeveloped twin. The additional limbs can be seen growing out […]

Controversial Minion Toy Allegedly Says the “F” Word


The Minions are officially back! With their new spin-off movie launching on theaters across the world, these mischievous yellow beings are here to make everyone laugh again with their crazy antics and slapstick humor. Of course, the craze brought with it lots of merchandise ranging from school bags and t-shirts, to sleepwear and raincoats, to […]

Awkward Reunion: Judge Recognizes Suspect As Her Middle School Classmate

classmate reunion judge

Attending a school reunion is always fun. You get the chance to catch up with classmates and friends you haven’t seen in years. You will likely talk about a lot of random things from family and career, to many other interesting topics in between. This recent news posted by Rare.us, however, is a different case.  […]