Dog In The Drive Thru Is The Cutest Prank Ever!


If you are a frequent visitor on our website, you’ll know that most of the news we feature here are those of the bizarre. We love writing and sharing stories about weird and strange incidents from across the world. For this entry though, we’d like to step back from the usual stuff we churn out […]

Signs Of The Times? Strange Dancing Lights Spotted In The Sky!

mysterious dancing lights

We’ve been getting a lot of weird sky-related news lately. Several weeks ago, we can all remember those viral videos that showed us unusual noises coming from the sky. Along with that, there have been several alleged UFO sightings across the world. Of course, some religious organizations are claiming that all of these apparitions are […]

China’s Pulsating ‘Frankenstien Meat’ Is Absolutely Horrific!

Pulsating frankenstein Meat

Love eating meat? Well, let’s see if you can still finish consuming your favorite dish after seeing this video. This short footage has been making rounds on social media lately and has truly made meat-lovers have second thoughts about their taste in food. And there’s really a good reason why – the video is very […]

Huge Snake Gets Tangled On Hair of Twins

Identical Twins Get Large Snake Tangled in Hair

When you visit a popular attraction called Alligator Alley, the first thing that will definitely come to mind will be, of course, alligators. Located in Summerdale, Alabama, this “swamp sanctuary” actually houses hundreds of alligators and wildlife which makes it a fun, memorable destination for many youngsters. And definitely, Alligator Alley became very memorable for […]