Man Ends Up Winning $30,000 after Buying Wrong Lottery Ticket

lotto ticket

For most of us, making a mistake means having to deal with negative consequences yet one man actually got lucky when he made a blunder. Bob Sabo of Easton, southwestern Connecticut, went to buy a lottery ticket at Super Stop & Shop in Fairfield but the queue was long that he decided it would be […]

Floyd Mayweather versus Rihanna: Rihanna Wins!

Floyd Mayweather versus Rihanna

In a hilarious moment that has since gone viral across the web, undefeated boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has been defeated – not by another great boxer in the ring but by a chic woman at the 2015 BET Awards (by the Black Entertainment Television network) held at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, California […]

Giant Male Gorilla Attracting Women Who Think He is a Hunk!


A giant 18-year-old male gorilla at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya, Japan is attracting a lot of attention – from human females who think he is a hunk! The alpha male in a group of five gorillas, Shabani was used by the zoo to promote spring festival but his hunky look caught the […]

World Record: Fastest Dog on Front Paws

Most dogs move using all four legs (unless they have a handicap in any of the legs) but there are those that have been trained to move on just their front paws or hind legs. The latter bunch of dogs is rare. Guinness World Records recently conferred a dog named Konjo the honor of being […]

Strange Stand-Off: House Cat versus Mountain Lion

cat and mountain lion

Many of us would only get the chance to meet a mountain lion at the zoo but one family was lucky enough to enjoy an encounter with a real one from the wild just outside a friend’s home. Prankster Tom Mabe was visiting a friend at Boulder, Colorado when he chanced upon a strange stand-off […]