Man Learns the Hard Way Why It is Never OK to Jump over the Subway Tracks

Wise old men would tell you that the youth are foolish – and one young man just proved this by jumping (well, trying to jump, anyway) over the subway train tracks. We are not given a background of what has happened but it appears that these young men were daring themselves to jump over the […]

Huge Snake Gets Tangled On Hair of Twins

Identical Twins Get Large Snake Tangled in Hair

When you visit a popular attraction called Alligator Alley, the first thing that will definitely come to mind will be, of course, alligators. Located in Summerdale, Alabama, this “swamp sanctuary” actually houses hundreds of alligators and wildlife which makes it a fun, memorable destination for many youngsters. And definitely, Alligator Alley became very memorable for […]

Mom Banned from Breastfeeding after Getting a New Tattoo

In what is seen by many lawyers as a dangerous precedence, a 20-year-old mother in Sydney, Australia was banned from breastfeeding after she got a new tattoo. According to the ruling made by Judge Matthew Myers who admittedly based his decision on information he gathered from the internet, the mother (who was not named) could […]

Man Shocked to Find Out What’s Inside Bump He’s Had for Years

Redditor kylkyl had never been bothered by the bump on his arm which had been there for years. In fact, he is not even sure whether he was born with that bump or whether he had acquired it while growing up. Since it was not painful and did not really bother him, he just did […]

The Naked Mole Rat…The Weirdest Rodent in the World?

Naked Mole Rat

If you have been watching popular animated TV show “Kim Possible” back in the 2000s, then you might be quite familiar with the naked mole rat. However, the naked mole rat (named Rufus) in show was cute, nimble, and very intelligent (unlike his owner, Ron Stoppable). Still, as a huge fan of the show, I […]