Strange Stand-Off: House Cat versus Mountain Lion

cat and mountain lion

Many of us would only get the chance to meet a mountain lion at the zoo but one family was lucky enough to enjoy an encounter with a real one from the wild just outside a friend’s home. Prankster Tom Mabe was visiting a friend at Boulder, Colorado when he chanced upon a strange stand-off […]

Crew of “Death Ship” Afraid They Might be Next to Mysteriously Disappear

The crew of Sage Sagittarius, a coal ship now being dubbed as a “death ship”, say they fear for their lives as they might be the next to disappear without trace. The number of unexplained deaths and disappearances makes the crew uncomfortable, especially because some of these incidents were linked to the captain, a Filipino […]

‘Ugliest Man’ in Uganda Becomes Dad to Eighth Child!

  Born with a rare medical condition that makes him appear totally distinct from most people, Godfrey Baguma has been ‘crowned’ as the ‘ugliest man’ in Uganda and is being called as ‘sebabi’ (which means ‘’ugliest of them all’) everywhere he goes. Of course, there is nothing to laugh about Godfrey’s condition but he has […]

“Unicorn” Specimen of One-Horned Roe Deer Discovered in Slovenia

Do unicorns really exist? Scientists in Slovenia have found a genuine specimen of a one-horned animal but, sadly for magic believers, this animal is not a real unicorn but a roe deer with an antler deformity. Still, this animal was so interesting that it was featured on the National Geographic and extensively studied by biologist […]