Unbelievable! These Rare Sharks Live In An Underwater Volcano.


It’s a discovery that truly startled a team of researchers studying underwater volcanoes at Solomon Islands. Huffington Post reported that Brennan Phillips and his crew dropped a camera around 12 miles from Kavachi, a nearby underwater volcano, to find out what lies underneath. Much to their surprise, something unexpectedly popped up while they were taking […]

Boy With Eight Arms and Legs Undergoes Surgery to Remove Extra Limbs


According to Fox News, 7-year-old Deepak Kumar Paswaan has been called many names. Some people have called him “devil” or “freak” while others have visited their home worshipping him as a god. You see Deepak actually has 4 extra arms and legs due to his underdeveloped twin. The additional limbs can be seen growing out […]

Dog In The Drive Thru Is The Cutest Prank Ever!


If you are a frequent visitor on our website, you’ll know that most of the news we feature here are those of the bizarre. We love writing and sharing stories about weird and strange incidents from across the world. For this entry though, we’d like to step back from the usual stuff we churn out […]

Signs Of The Times? Strange Dancing Lights Spotted In The Sky!

mysterious dancing lights

We’ve been getting a lot of weird sky-related news lately. Several weeks ago, we can all remember those viral videos that showed us unusual noises coming from the sky. Along with that, there have been several alleged UFO sightings across the world. Of course, some religious organizations are claiming that all of these apparitions are […]

Man Ends Up Winning $30,000 after Buying Wrong Lottery Ticket

lotto ticket

For most of us, making a mistake means having to deal with negative consequences yet one man actually got lucky when he made a blunder. Bob Sabo of Easton, southwestern Connecticut, went to buy a lottery ticket at Super Stop & Shop in Fairfield but the queue was long that he decided it would be […]