China’s Pulsating ‘Frankenstien Meat’ Is Absolutely Horrific!

Pulsating frankenstein Meat

Love eating meat? Well, let’s see if you can still finish consuming your favorite dish after seeing this video. This short footage has been making rounds on social media lately and has truly made meat-lovers have second thoughts about their taste in food. And there’s really a good reason why – the video is very […]

World Record: Fastest Dog on Front Paws

Most dogs move using all four legs (unless they have a handicap in any of the legs) but there are those that have been trained to move on just their front paws or hind legs. The latter bunch of dogs is rare. Guinness World Records recently conferred a dog named Konjo the honor of being […]

Cat Accidentally Takes an Airplane Joyride

Cat Airplane Joyride

Cats are adorable. There is absolutely no question about that. Just do a quick search on the internet and you’ll see thousands of cat videos and photos that went viral online. Minou (a French word that literally means “Kitty”) is the latest to become an internet sensation. This video taken on a flying open-air Skyranger […]

Woman Pulls Out Biggest Lump of Earwax From a Guy


Ask any ear expert and they will tell you that earwax is necessary to protect your ears. It is normal to have them and it helps in keeping your ear from dryness and itchiness. Still, it is important to clean the ears regularly to prevent excessive earwax accumulation which can cause earache, partial hearing loss, […]

After Surgery, Woman Wakes Up With Pac-Man Hands

Jenn Pacman

Aside from numbing pain, anaesthesia apparently has another side-effect. In a recent Metro blog post, we read about Jenn Peckham, a girl from Utah, who underwent a leg surgery last June 16, 2015. The video shows Jenn as she wakes up and as the anaesthesia’s effects are beginning to wear off after the surgery. As […]