China’s Pulsating ‘Frankenstien Meat’ Is Absolutely Horrific!

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Pulsating frankenstein Meat

Love eating meat? Well, let’s see if you can still finish consuming your favorite dish after seeing this video.

This short footage has been making rounds on social media lately and has truly made meat-lovers have second thoughts about their taste in food. And there’s really a good reason why – the video is very disturbing!

Taken in Shandong Province, China, a woman thought the slab of raw beef appeared to be “beating” and so she took a video of it – and it was indeed pulsating!

There were no specific reasons given why the meat was still beating but many on social media are concluding that it may be maggots giving the meat that kind of effect. Now that’s really gross!

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CCTV, a news network in China, shared the video via their Facebook page. The clip has been viewed and shared thousands of times by users across the world.

Netizens on social media have nicknamed the beef as “Frankenstein meat,” named after that famous Halloween monster who rose from the dead. The moniker is, of course, appropriate considering how the meat has scared so many. One commenter on Facebook said “I am turning into a vegetarian after (watching) this.”

This video is definitely not for the faint of heart so if you don’t think you can stand it, don’t bother hitting the play button.

Otherwise, you can go ahead and watch the 32-second clip below. Besides, we all need to be careful with what we eat.

China has been under so much heat on media lately regarding the controversial Yulin Dog Meat Festival. And now this one makes it to the news again. It looks like the country is having a lot of horrific meat-related incidents!

Do you think this pulsating meat is fake or real? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts about it.

Source : Mirror

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