Cute or Scary: Is This an Alien Cat?

Coming across photos of a cat with huge glassy eyes, I was immediately overcome with fear over what I perceived was an alien cat; though I was soon laughing upon learning this rather scary feline was actually an adorable pet.

Meet Alien Cat Matilda whose Instagram page (aliencatmatilda) has more followers than yours! As of writing, she now has over 45,500 adoring fans on the social media aside from being featured across many blogs and news sites across the web.

Matilda is not really an alien cat but a rare condition called spontaneous lens luxation caused her eye lenses detach progressively. Because of this, the feline’s eyes look glassy and she is now completely blind.

Still, despite her condition, Matilda is one great cat who refused to let blindness bring her down. This bright cat brings joy to her “servants”: The Bearded Man, The Lady, and Dog as well as her many followers on social media.

Who would have thought she would gain fame because of her scary glassy eyes? According to the pet rescue society her “servants” had gotten her from, she suffers the same condition that afflicted her siblings. This answered many of the questions that first hounded the “servants” who had brought her to several vets to find answers but were only told they were “crazy” for thinking something was wrong with a cat because its pupils would enlarge regularly.

Today, Matilda might be completely blind but she appears to be content with her life alongside her “servants” who vowed they would take care of their “alien master”, no matter what happens next. Though I suspect they would not easily say so when a spaceship arrives to take him away. LOL.

Source: Mirror UK, Instagram

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