Man Gets Arrested For Shooting Foot Twice


There’s this expression that says “shooting yourself in the foot.”

It is actually an idiom that means “to do or say something that causes problems for you.”

Apparently, HuffingtonPost tells us that one man took the phrase quite literally – and shot his foot not once but twice!

Adam Hirtle, a 30 year old guy from Colorado Springs, Colorado did pull the trigger with the gun aimed at his foot.

The authorities immeiately arrived at the hospital by 7:00 PM after being alerted about a gun-related accident. When investigators questioned him about his motives, Hirtle readily confessed he was merely curious to find out how it would feel. He also admitted that he used a .22 caliber, semi-automatic handgun to do the misdeed. Hirtle apparently was in his garage when he took his boot off, shot his foot, put the boot back and then fired the gun again.

Aside from the tremendous pain, Hirtle fortunately did not receive any serious consequences from the self-inflicted incident. Well, apart from being arrested by the police, that is.

Hirtle was taken into custody for suspected use of prohibited weapons. Also, he was charged with reckless endangerment and child abuse because it was possible that one or more kids were around the area when he used his pistol twice.

So while the act itself seems funny in the outset, not one of the authorities are laughing about it. They made sure that Hirtle has been held responsible so that he (and others thinking of following suit) will learn from his experience.

It’s definitely not a good idea to hurt others but still, it is not acceptable to hurt yourself either.

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Source : Huffington Post

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