‘Ugliest Man’ in Uganda Becomes Dad to Eighth Child!


Photo credit: Daily Star UK

Photo credit: Daily Star UK

Born with a rare medical condition that makes him appear totally distinct from most people, Godfrey Baguma has been ‘crowned’ as the ‘ugliest man’ in Uganda and is being called as ‘sebabi’ (which means ‘’ugliest of them all’) everywhere he goes.

Of course, there is nothing to laugh about Godfrey’s condition but he has long accepted his fate and is even marketing himself as the Ugliest Man in Uganda so he could earn money. Using his ugly looks for a living had its advantages, especially because there appears to be no one who can top his appearance. Thus, believe it or not, Godfrey is rich!

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Money does not buy you love – that is something he learned after his first wife cheated on him. People told him she was just there for his money but he married her, anyway. They had two kids together but he would later catch her with another man. He broke up with her.

He would soon meet 18-year-old Kate Namanda through her aunt who acted as the bridge/go between. She ran away when she was six months pregnant with their first child but returned two months later, perhaps accepting her fate, says Godfrey.

He promised to love her but explained that he did not choose the way he looked. Because of his great love, he told her she is free to leave if she thinks he is a burden but after that brief scare, she did not run away again.

The two would have more kids together, the sixth (Godfrey’s eight child) born just recently.

Check out this music video starring Godfrey:

Sources: Daily Star UK, Mirror UK

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