Best 3 Hotels in Palau

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Palau Royal Resort by CJPM
Palau Royal Resort by CJPM

If you are planning to go to a getaway to Palau, then finding fantastic accommodations should be enlisted as one of your priorities. However, you do not have to fret since there are a number of superb hotels that can meet your needs while giving a boost to your vacation experience.

Palau is blessed with scenic beaches. Not only that you will get to enjoy the view of a tropical place but as well as find adventure with a lot of activities that you can do there. Nonetheless, checking in with the best hotels in Palau should come first.

3. Palau Pacific Resort

One of the most luxurious hotels that you can find in Palau is the Palau Pacific Resort. In front of it, you will find a stretch of beach that would soothe your senses. Moreover, the accommodation is also nestled in tropical gardens with exotic flowers on the shore of Arakebasang hamlet.

The Palau Pacific Resort is perfect for individuals who are looking for comfort, fun and excitement. With this, you can go and do sightseeing or do some fun things on the beach. In addition, the place is also perfect for honeymooners wanting to relax and enjoy their sweet moments.

2. Palau Royal Resort

If you are looking for the newest luxurious hotel, then the Palau Royal Resort is the place you have been searching for. This accommodation just had opened up last 2005 and provides its guest with picture-perfect seascape.

The Palau Royal Resort is settled on the east coast of Malakal Island in Koror State. This is one of the perfect places for leisure travelers, ecotourism enthusiasts and honeymooners. Nonetheless, the place is packed with recreational activities that will not bore you during your free time.

1. West Plaza Hotels

One of the grandest and luxurious hotels in Palau is the West Plaza Hotels.  These hotels are settled in many places such as the West Plaza by the Sea that overlooks the ocean lagoon and islands, West Plaza downtown situated in the heart of Koror, West Plaza Desekel nestled near the museums and banks, and West Plaza Malakal located in the island Malakal. Nonetheless, the West Plaza Hotels offer convenience and fantastic accommodations. This is because the services are efficient and the accommodations warrant comfort and relaxation.

Without a doubt, Palau is not only blessed with scenic seascape but as well as wonderful accommodations. Nonetheless, the mentioned hotels in Palau are great places to stay in for the whole vacation escapade.

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