3 Viral Videos in the Philippines

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The advent of social networks also brought about viral videos, a term used for a movie clip that becomes a media sensation and shared across the popular social networking sites. There is no telling whether a video can sweep the whole nation and make a buzz for weeks among the netizens. In fact, a seemingly ordinary amateur video can quickly gain renown for no particular reason.

In the Philippines, several videos have become so popular that even months after their phenomenal rise to stardom, they are still talked about. Most, if not all, have even caught the attention of news writers, adding to their shot to fame. The following are just some of the many viral videos that caught the Filipinos by storm. The 3 are listed in no particular order.

3. Allan Soriano prank calls


Some people find joy in the misery and expense of others – such was the case of the videos posted by Allan Soriano on YouTube. He would call up various establishments and pretend to place an order, file a complaint, or just about anything that he could come up with. While the flustered person at the other line tries to placate his “angry” tirades, he would shake with laughter and giggle at the camera. His antics gained him the nickname “baklang baboy (gay pig)” and made him infamous over the internet. After receiving lots of bashing from angry Pinoys, he issued a video of an apology but many didn’t bother watch it or were simply not ready to forgive him.

2. Gwiyomi


This video features a girl who appears to be making cutesy actions to match a song, a song whose lyrics Pinoys don’t even understand. The language barrier didn’t stop this video from making a noise among netizens, quickly becoming viral. Even local celebrities such as Vice Ganda created their own Gwiyomi versions. Although a lot of people criticize “Gwiyomi” for being nothing but an unintelligible song, its success as a local phenomenon is quite amazing.

1. Gangnam Style


There is no question that many Filipinos go gaga over Korean pop and soap celebrities but Gangnam Style didn’t just stop with Pinoys, it swept the whole world off its feet (or made it dance like a horse). The song may only have a mouthful of English words and the video is certainly not the best that YouTube has to offer but up to this day, it holds the title of most viral video across the world and most watched YouTube video of all time.

Of course, there are others that have kept Twitter and Facebook abuzz for months. Surely, there are many more to come in the future. Is there a way to tell if a video will become viral? Judging from the videos listed above, the answer is no. So, dream big. Who knows? Your own video could be tomorrow’s most viral clip.

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