After Surgery, Woman Wakes Up With Pac-Man Hands

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Jenn Pacman

Aside from numbing pain, anaesthesia apparently has another side-effect.

In a recent Metro blog post, we read about Jenn Peckham, a girl from Utah, who underwent a leg surgery last June 16, 2015.

The video shows Jenn as she wakes up and as the anaesthesia’s effects are beginning to wear off after the surgery.

As you can see, she was imagining her left hand being Pac-Man, the iconic video game character from the 80’s, while her mom films the whole thing.

Later on, Jenn’s imagines her right hand being one of the ghosts (the villains in that hit game). Pac-Man gives the ghost a chase at first but then Jenn realizes it wasn’t supposed to go that way. So she did it the other way, with the ghost chasing Pac-Man, and then starts to break into tears once the latter was cornered by the former.

Her loving mother immediately rescued her from the predicament by helping Pac-Man go to the right direction. Jenn was relieved and immediately calmed down, thanks to her mom!

Entitled “Jenn’s Pacman,” the video was later uploaded on YouTube by Jenn herself. On the description, she wrote ‘After my leg surgery 6.16.15 my hands were the Pac-Man characters. Nothing else to explain haha.’

The 40-second clip was a smash hit and immediately surpassed 300,000 views since being posted just last June 18.

Frankly, it’s nice to see her being good-natured about the experience. Others would have been embarrassed but she obviously wasn’t too much bothered with it.

Reactions to the video were, well, a bit interesting as they ranged from complimentary (a commenter said “Jenn you’re adorable”) to absurd (“Cocain’s one hell of a drug”).

Our feelings about it? YouTube user summed it up best: “This is cute but I actually feel really sorry for her when she starts crying.”

Click the play button and see it for yourself:

Source: Metro

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