Are These the Creepiest Science Experiments? Shocking!

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creepy science experiments
Photo credit: YouTube/TheRichest

Humans are superior over all other species – there is no doubt about that, of course. However, our dominance over the other species has sometimes led to cruelty beyond belief.

As you probably know already, there have been lots of people who experiment on animals; some do it for the name of science while others do it just to satisfy their curiosity. For example, several species of mice have long been used by scientists to experiment on various stuffs, including decoding various mysteries in the human body as well as finding the right cure for various medical conditions.

Now, you might have come across the science experiments discussed by TheRichest on YouTube. Among the creepiest of these are those that involve transplanting one creature’s head to another creature of the same species. For example, the experiments had been a “success” for the chimpanzee and the two-headed dog but these types of experiments bring morality in question.

Have humans crossed the line in our quest to find answers to questions that have hounded us for centuries? It is creepy to think that we are capable of doing these experiments to these creatures. But what is even stranger is that humans are also experimenting on humans! Could these be just abuse disguised as experiments?

Check out the video below and tell us which among these creepy experiments you find worst:

But did you know that in 2017, one mad scientist will attempt to transplant a human head to another person? Yes, it is true! And he even has a volunteer already!

Check out that story here:

Human Head Transplant Possible but Volunteer Could Experience Something “Worse Than Death”

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