Attract Customers Using a Clever Marketing Strategy

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When it comes to business, entrepreneurs must try their best to come up with a clever marketing strategy to rise above the competition. Often, there would be plenty of others who may be selling the same stuff that you are peddling or offering the services you provide – it takes extra creativity to make customers take notice, choose your brand, and buy your items or services.

banana cue marketing strategy

Take for example the man in the video shared in this post. How many banana cue vendors have you met in your lifetime? I’m quite positive it’s more than 30. Now, how many of those vendors can you really recall?

This English-speaking banana cue vendor is not just another vendor because he catches the passersby’s attention with his funny English jokes, clever questions, and one-liners. With these strategies, he is able to catch their attention long enough for them to listen – and, quite possibly, buy his wares while he strives to entertain them. Clever, isn’t it?

It is actually nice to see people like him, someone who probably didn’t even reach high school or college yet doing his best to conquer the world of business, one banana cue at a time. His marketing strategy is quite simple: first get their attention, then, sell the banana cue.

With so many other banana cue vendors probably also selling in his turf, he surely has a lot of competition to deal with, yet that did not deter him from striving to do his best in selling his food items.

What strategy to use

Different businesses would need different strategies – and even in the same niche, a strategy effective in one establishment might not work in another. You have a lot of items to consider, including your target market, the products you offer, and your personal goals.

Still, as exemplified by the funny guy in the video, you don’t really have to spend a lot of money to make people notice. All you have to do is find the best marketing strategy to suit your products and you’re ready to go. So, sit down, review your business, and try to come up with the strategy that would make your products sell like hotcakes (or banana cues!). It might involve a little trial-and-error but continue to apply these strategies, so you’ll know which ones work for your business.


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