Why do Baby Toys have Vivid Colors? Colored Rattles and Cute Toys

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I have always wondered why toys for babies and tikes are of vivid colors – usually red, blue, green, or yellow. Typically, you can’t find a toy with more than 3 colors for each piece. Considering that the little angel is our third child, I had to laugh at myself for asking his pediatrician that question but I was already dying with curiosity.

So, just in case you were also wondering, I’ll share with you the doc’s answer.

The reason why baby toys have vivid colors is that their eyes are actually still developing and can only focus on a few items at a time. Give them something with multiple colors and their eyes will actually be confused.

enfant colorful rattles and baby toys

Most parents actually love to paint the nursery, playroom, and kids’ spaces in pastel colors but our babies can’t really appreciate those colors until, well, they are older. According to the doctor, pastel colors appeal to the parents, not to the kids (hmmm so that is why our princess painted stick figures on the walls!).

The doc also said that red appeals to infants the most, with boys and girls preferring the color in the first few months as their eyes can focus best on the red. Wow! However, I have no plans to repaint our walls to red considering that the doc said the kids will eventually learn to see and love the rest of the colors as their eyes continue to grow.

So, the next time you are at the mall to buy toys for a baby, pick the most vivid reds and colorful toys.

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