Best Gift Ever! A Playhouse for the Kids

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While at the mall yesterday, I chanced upon a close friend I haven’t seen since our college years! So, even if I was in a bit of a hurry to finish my grocery shopping so I could cook dinner for my kids, we just had to chat for a while.

She ended up buying my kids a playhouse! I had initially refused to let her do so. After all, the price tag was quite high – I am pretty sure I can’t afford to return to the favor but she merely laughed and said that she’s missed so many milestones, birthdays, and Christmases with all my kiddos that I should just let her buy the playhouse.

I have to admit that it is the biggest, best, and most expensive gift my kids ever got so far. Thankfully, the store delivers the item and told me they would also install it at our house. Whew!

colorful plastic playhouse with slide

This one comes with a slide that my 4-year-old princess is sure to love. Well, our eldest might not appreciate the new toy, perhaps, but our youngest could spend the next few years creating a fort in this colorful playhouse. Plus, he gets to enjoy it throughout the day while his siblings are at school. Lucky kiddo, eh?

The playhouse is going to take up a big space in the playroom but my kids will surely have fun playing with it that I just have to tell Daddy to install more shelves at the walls to accommodate the displaced toys.

This one can be placed outside but we decided to place it inside the playroom, instead.

Thank you, dear friend JC for the lovely gift for our kids! I am so excited to hear the doorbell ring and find the playhouse at the door!

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