A Brave Little Dog Gets Rescued from the River

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A dog was brutalized before being thrown into Los Angeles River, falling some 30 feet down the walls made at the sides of the river. While the fall broke its leg, the animal was quite strong and brave enough to survive the fall although it was pretty obvious from its appearance that it has not been taken care of in the past couple of months.

Someone called the dog rescue team to help this one – and they immediately arrived to get him out of the river and bring him to safety.

The crew had to risk their own lives treading on that mucky river but it was all worth it for them, as long as they get to save this one’s life. One of the rescuers commented how the dog easily smells of mange – and it clearly had mange and a host of other diseases.


Its matted coat was so dirty that it must have been living in the streets for months or was just neglected by its owner. Whoever brutalized the dog as narrated by the eyewitness who saw it being thrown down the river must have been the cruel owner or someone who picked him up from the streets.

The mutt was immediately brought to a vet. He was bathed and cared for. After receiving transfusion and becoming a bit better, it was strong enough to undergo surgery four days after it was rescued. Its injured leg was amputated.

Despite the amputation, though, the dog recovered and would soon get back to its fun-loving self – and surely seems to not mind that it lacks one foot! It is so wonderful to see this dog looking so much better now…

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