Cat Accidentally Takes an Airplane Joyride

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Cat Airplane Joyride

Cats are adorable. There is absolutely no question about that. Just do a quick search on the internet and you’ll see thousands of cat videos and photos that went viral online.

Minou (a French word that literally means “Kitty”) is the latest to become an internet sensation.

This video taken on a flying open-air Skyranger plane shows the cute feline creature hanging for her dear life.

Romain Jantot, the aircraft pilot, and his passenger were both completely unaware of the stowaway cat’s presence as they started to take flight over Kourou, French Guiana.

They immediately take notice of the pet though as she crawled towards them from the wing. Of course, they were both surprised and their reactions have been caught on camera.

On the video description, Jantot described the experience as just “a standard flight” until, well, they noticed the extra passenger.

It was actually touching to see what Jantot did about it.

Soon after the discovery, he quickly decided that they need to make a landing to ensure Minou’s safety. He told the passenger about it and so they did. So fortunately, we all didn’t have to find out if the cat can really land on her feet when dropped from a high location.

“I still don’t know if it got in after the pre-flight check or if I missed it,” Jantot confessed but it’s just awesome how he took action of the situation. “The cat is doing well, she is still our mascot.”

Stephen Bass, president of Copperstate Fly-In, tells Huffington Post that he thinks the viral video is completely legit and not fabricated. “You see (the cat) crawling out from the center of the wing, where it was protected. I think it’s real.”

Watch the video here and see the feline’s masterful ability to cling without losing her grip:

Source : Huffington Post

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