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Office SetupJust got an online freelance job? Or maybe opened a small business start-up? Whether you work at the comforts of your own home or rent an office space, you must be able to maintain a professional image and work efficiently. This can be achieved through creating an office that suits your needs.

Although starting a business or working independently can be alluring, it also poses lots of challenges. For one, distractions around or near your makeshift office may produce work interruptions. You need to make sure that you create an environment that shuts out all distractions e.g. TV programs, noisy kids. Second, make it a point to fill the office with items that promote productivity and creativity.

So before you head to the nearest office supply store, take a look at this list:

  • A good computer. In the light of modernity, no one disputes the sheer importance of a computer especially in business. However, you need to make sure that your PC is in good condition. Otherwise, you’ll encounter several pesky pop-ups and possible viral infestations which might resort to a system failure or vulnerability to online fraudulent activities.
  • A stable internet connection. A high-speed cable internet is a total must-have if you always need web access for your job. A 10mbps connection is preferred as well. Make sure to get in touch with a reliable ISP in your community.
  • Some computer peripherals. Does your work require you to handle lots of paperwork? Or send copies of documents via fax? If so, consider purchasing a printer, telecopier, scanner and any other peripherals that will assist you in your tasks.
  • A storage device. Backups have always been a lifesaver ever since computers started acting crazy. Avoid losing your hard-earned files through saving them in a flash drive or portable hard-drive.
  • A communication line. If possible, have a separate phone line for business purposes. You don’t want your client or customer’s calls being received by your young child. You may invest in DSL if you spend the whole day on the internet.
  • A sketch notebook. Regardless of what your work will be, a clean slate will streamline your creative impulses. You are always free to use it for note crunching.
  • Basic office supplies. Even if your line of work isn’t close to arts and crafts, you’ll definitely need the basics such as pens, rulers, scissors, fasteners, staplers and the like. Don’t forget to make room for them through smart compartments.
  • A file system. Paperless or not, it does help to organise. A great filing system will save you a considerable amount of time. Plus points for time management, indeed.
  • Ergonomic desk and chair. Don’t ever settle for less when it comes to this. Countless workplace injuries occur due to poor or no ergonomics observed. You have to be aware though that ergonomic furnishing don’t come cheap. The flipside is it’s a worthwhile investment. You’ll work comfortably and happily without worrying about health hazards.
  • Good lighting. Nobody wants to work in a creepy, dark cave unless you’re a sucker for such. Nevertheless, you need to strategically place light fixtures to get you going with your tasks. It also helps to have a big window in the office so you’d get a dose of healthy, natural lighting.

You’ll spend most of your days in your good ol’ office. So, why not make it comfortable and suitable for you? You may even show your knack for design through tailoring your home office.

About the AuthorRegus Philippines is a branch of Regus, an international corporation providing first-class business accommodation and solutions to 100 countries all over the globe.

Image Credit : Desk Setup by Greg Grossmeier

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