Fisherman Discovers New Species: Alien-looking Green Worm with a Creepy Tongue

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new worm species
Photo credit: YouTube/Wei Cheng Jian

While out fishing at the port of Penghu in Taiwan, a fisherman found something that truly shocked him and scared the people on the internet: an alien-looking green worm with a very long tongue that appears to be longer than its body!

Right now, the scientific community is also baffled by this new discovery and extensive studies on the specimen might be needed to confirm its existence and to properly file this creature under the right species. However, it is highly doubtful that the specimen is still alive, especially because the fisherman probably has no idea how to keep it alive.

In a video Wei Cheng Jian shared so others could help him identify this alien-like worm, the creature could be seen moving slowly and, then, using its very long tongue to probe around the area for food. The video is quite creepy to watch, especially for people who hate worms. The worm’s pink tongue actually resembles that of a light pink earthworm, including how it moves slowly out of the alien-like creature’s mouth.

A lot is unknown about this creature, including its distribution, habitat, and various features aside from its appearance. It would certainly be interesting to find out what this creepy creature wants for food, how it survives in the water, what are its predators, how it escapes its predators (though we suspect it is because of its creepy appearance), and how it reproduces.

For now, the only evidence of this creature is found in the fisherman’s video. Check it out below:

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