Getting to Know Smartwatch

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Smartwatch or smart watch is now gaining popularity. With its small screen size, it has been a conundrum if this device has usefulness just like any other smartphones or tablets. Nevertheless, this page will give you a glimpse of these mini devices.

What is a smartwatch?

Before we get to know the features of smartwatches, it is important that we know what these gadgets are all about. So what are smartwatches? To put it simple, these are computerized wristwatches that functions beyond timekeeping. They are wearable computers. As a matter of fact, features of smartphones are translated into these mini devices.


There is a myriad of features for smartwatch. These include:

  • Calculations
  • Run mobile apps
  • FM radio and play sound via a Bluetooth headset
  • Accelerometer
  • GPS navigation
  • Chronograph
  • Touch screen
  • Rechargeable

How will it works to you?

Undeniably, smartwatches are cool breakthroughs. However, these gadgets are merely a conduit or accompaniment. It means that they have to be tethered with your smartphone through Bluetooth in order to function properly. With this, it can perform the following functions.

  • Caller ID. Whenever someone calls you, the name of the caller can be viewed in the small screens of smartwatches. This is possible since your contacts in your phone syncs with your watch. It is then up to you whether you are going to accept or reject the call using your phone.
  • Text and email. You will know who sent you or mailed you a message. It will appear in your smart watch.
  • Music. Playing music can be handy. You can skip backwards or forward the music with your mini device.

The disadvantages with smart watch

Indeed the smart watches can offer you an array of functions. However, it also has its drawbacks. To start up, the aesthetics of smart watch are quite bulky. More so, they are poorly designed. The next one, smart watch is quite expensive and is a bit offensive to your finances. Lastly, there are limited functions. You can’t reply or do further actions using this mini device but rather just get a view of it.

Final verdict

The smart watches are indeed a brilliant breakthrough. Though they offer good functions, there is still the need to maximize its potential. With this, it has to be polished for more efficiency.

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