Guilty Dog Brings All the Toys to Crying Baby

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After ‘stealing’ the baby’s toy, Charlie the Dog tried to make up for his bad behavior by bringing the baby all the toys he could get so the child would stop crying! This is so cute…

Charlie the Dog is a beagle. Even before his humans had a baby, he was already trained to do simple tasks around the house such as closing the doors and even bringing them a can of beer or something. When baby Laura Olivia arrived, the couple made sure to introduce the two and show them that they are both loved.


What they did not realize is that Charlie also learned to accept the baby as his real sister…

In a clip that had since gone viral on social media, the baby was first seen enjoying a toy when Charlie snatched it away as he wanted to play with it by himself. Realizing that her toy was gone, the baby began to cry.

Feeling guilty over what he did, Charlie tried to make it up by returning the toy. But because he really felt guilt over making her cry, Charlie did not stop with returning the toy he first took from her that made her cry. Instead, he got some more toys and began placing it on her bouncer! Isn’t this cute?

The baby had long stopped crying but the guilty dog continued to bring her as many toys as he could. Some commenters on the YouTube video joked that he was not trying to apologize but was ‘suffocating the witness’. LOL.

Isn’t this so cute? How wonderful it would surely be to see these two grow up and love each other so much…

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