Man Learns the Hard Way Why It is Never OK to Jump over the Subway Tracks

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subway jump

Wise old men would tell you that the youth are foolish – and one young man just proved this by jumping (well, trying to jump, anyway) over the subway train tracks.

We are not given a background of what has happened but it appears that these young men were daring themselves to jump over the subway train tracks because there was no train in sight, anyway.

Knowing how young people have the tendency to succumb to peer pressure, the young man was soon getting ready to jump. Yep! He must have thought that the distance between the two platforms was not too far – and his long legs of youth could easily carry him across the awning.

Quickly, he leaped!

But he soon will learn that it is never OK to jump over the subway tracks even when there is no train around. After all, although designed to be as close to the train as possible, the platforms are also far away so as to prevent untoward accidents from happening.

Well, this young man learned this lesson the hard way as his flying leap had fallen short of the expected target and his abdomen slammed on the concrete. That must have been really painful yet he did not want to show this to lessen the embarrassment.

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