Nintendo or Playstation: Would I Buy One for the Kids?

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Our eldest son has friends who own a Nintendo, Playstation, or similar gadgets. He owns an electronic tablet but no Nintendo or Playstation. So, are we going to buy him one sometime in the future?

Daddy and I had discussed this several times – always, we come up with the same answer: NO! Well, Daddy is just like most boys who also love gadgets and various electronics but we both agree that buying a child something that can only play games (and is expensive!) is too much.

An electronic tablet is a different matter because there are educational apps you can download there. Plus, the tab has other features that are far superior that gaming toys, including the ability to connect to the web for research purposes. Yes, gaming consoles might still be used to connect to the internet but their capabilities are limited.

Nintendo 3DS vs PlayStation Vita

No, I am not being bitter at all, especially with the state of our finances. It’s not like we really can’t afford to buy one if we save up and set our minds to buy the gadget.

The Nintendo Wii does offer a lot of great activities for kids and adults to enjoy. Some of our friends own that. They have lots of fun playing tennis with the kids or enjoying volleyball or some other fun activities without leaving the house. Good for them! I am not against people who buy gadgets and have fun with them but in our household, the less dependent we are on electronics, the happier I will be.

Thankfully, I have yet to hear our son ask us to buy him a Nintendo or Playstation. If he comes to that point, I might just tell him that back in our day, my dad won’t even buy me a brick game or Tamagochi – let him research about those! LOL

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