Online Inquiry at the Social Security System Philippines Website for Members

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There are a number of things that members of the Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines can do at the website. Aside from the usual changes in profile such as password changes, addresses, and contact details, they also get to schedule appointments, submit maternity notifications, and salary loan applications (with some restrictions). The Online Inquiry section of the website also offers members with all the data regarding their account. The section is very easy to use.

Online Inquiry at the Social Security System Philippines Website for Members

Member Information

This section provides you with all the information regarding your account. You can use this section to check your SSS number, employer SSS number, coverage status (employed, voluntary, etc.), reporting date, and other relevant data.

It is also in this section that you can find the actual monthly premiums paid, arranged chronologically and presented in table form. At a glance, you can check for months where no contributions were posted. The total amount of your contributions is also provided.

The Employment History section simply presents the companies you have worked for plus their employer ID, your employment date, and reporting date (or the month when your employer posted contributions in your account).

Members are entitled to an SSS ID. You can check the status of your ID, when and where it was captured, its mailing address, and other pertinent information. Also, if you are not sure which particular branch to visit, you only have to enter any relevant information (be it postal code or name of town/city) for the correct branch to be posted.


The Benefits section is where you can find the list of benefits you had claimed in the past, including those that were not approved for whatever reason. Like the other sections on the website, the benefits are posted in tabular form for easy reference.

If you had claimed a benefit, the particular section would include details such as total amount paid and the total number of days that amount covered. Clicking on the individual claim number provides you with a more detailed report, including your average daily allowance used for the computation.

Maternity Notification

The Maternity Notification section provides information on the notifications received by the system, filing date, expected delivery date, number of deliveries/miscarriages prior to the notification, and status.


Clicking on the Loans section provides you with details of your latest loan. The page also offers you with a list of all loans you had availed of, whether denied or approved. The list is in tabular form and offers pertinent details such as check amount and loan amount.

Clicking on the individual loans on the list brings up a more detailed view which includes the monthly amortization that the member is expected to pay. For each loan, you can also view the Statement of Account and Loan Payments. This will detail all amounts past due, current due, amount not yet due, and the total amount of obligation. You can also use this to check if correct loan payments had been posted.

Premium Payments

Although you are provided with the table of premium payments under the Member Info section, you get to check for individual payment information at the Premium Payments section. Sorted according to premium type, the list includes the amount paid, date that the payment was posted, and receipt number.


Curious as to how much benefits you are entitled to receive from SSS? You can easily check that at the Eligibility section. For loan computation, you will need your Employer Id Number. Now, if the employer is not enrolled online, then you can’t process your loan this way. For self-employed and voluntary members, you simply need to check the indicated box. You won’t even have to visit any SSS office to process the loan. The check will be mailed to your designated address – so, make sure you have the correct one at the Member Info section!

For DDR – Funeral Benefits, enter the Date of Contingency. Put the date you are planning to retire (or your 60th birthday) or just any date you like if you are just checking. You are given several options, depending on the date you placed. A list is given and could include Retirement, Funeral, and Disability benefits. A computation is presented plus the minimum pension or lump sum amounts you are entitled to receive, if applicable.

You can also compute for Sickness or Maternity Benefits you are likely to receive. Again, you can input dummy dates here if you just want to have an idea of how much you are entitled.


For easier transactions, the Online Inquiry section also features a Documents section. This section provides a detailed checklist of required documents needed to process various claims. Such cover Death, Disability, EC Medical, Funeral, Maternity, Retirement, and Sickness Claims.

The Online Inquiry section for the Social Security System Philippines website is very easy to use and provides users with almost everything they need or wish to know about their individual account.

Head over to this page if you are registered. If not, then you can register using this link.

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