The Perks of Being an Online Freelancer

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freelancerAre you dreaming of becoming your own boss? Then maybe it’s time for you to leave the office and start the life of a freelancer. The internet, thanks to its continuously growing business opportunities, is a good place to jumpstart your freelance activities-you can easily bag a project and earn money from it. But aside from the better pay, being a freelancer has a lot of perks, and these include:

1. You can entertain a number of clients. Being employed in the traditional office can be suffocating in the long run, as your opportunities to grow are limited. You are in essence trapped in the corporate hierarchy and are not allowed to entertain external projects unless you are given permission to do so. However, in freelance work, the choice to entertain clients is yours-you may settle with one client at a time, or accommodate two to three customers simultaneously. Of course, the more clients you have, the bigger the income you get.

2. You own your time. As a freelancer, you’re not under the 8-hour rule. No overtime or undertime issues, no leaves and absences. You basically hold your own work hours, depending on the line of work you chose to pursue. Many freelancers work at their own convenience and submit output within a given timeframe that they have set, and not necessarily in accordance to a boss’s demand.

Usually clients and freelance workers agree upon a deadline for completion of a given project. Some service providers also accommodate rush jobs, but at higher rates to compensate the extra effort to do the job within a shorter period of time.

As a freelancer, you also have more time to enjoy life outside work. You can take breaks anytime in between projects, or choose not to work for particular timeframe without putting your job at risk.

3. Money comes faster. Unlike in traditional jobs, freelance work offers faster income, especially when you are doing projects online. Some clients pay upfront, while others send payment once the project is completed. You can also get continuous earnings through ads and commissions, especially when you chose to do marketing gigs.

4. You can easily establish a name in the industry. You can easily become famous in your line of business online, especially when you’re offering freelance services. All you have to do is provide quality service and hang out in online communities. By making connections in online groups, such as forums and social networks, you easily connect to the people who have already made it big in the industry-and they can likewise help you out in terms of scoring gigs or recommending you to clients that are in need of the services that you offer.

Choosing to go freelance may be risk that you may have to take, especially if you’ve already grown accustomed to the typical employee setting. However, this is also a milestone that you can take advantage of. Not only are you exposed to a new realm of earning income; you are also given the chance to start life anew, this time on your own terms.

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