Possible Apparition of Headless Old Priest in Photo Goes Viral…Creepy

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apparition of headless priest
Photo credit: The DailyPedia

How would you feel if you see what appears to be a headless old priest in a photo taken inside a church, with your child in the foreground? I would surely freak out!

Well, that’s just how the family of this girl reacted after finding the possible apparition in the photo.

According to The DailyPedia, one reader (name withheld) sent them the photo. Taken inside Molo Church in Iloilo City last April 27, 2015, the photo shows a child with several parishioners clearly attending mass as background.

The child was with her father at the time; though he was not in the picture. It was when they arrived home an hour later that the family discovered the creepy apparition in the photo. They later shared the photo, possibly in hopes of finding answers to the puzzle of who and what that apparent apparition had been.

Is it a headless priest? The maroon clothing the “apparition” was wearing does look like a priest’s ceremonial robe or might even look like the uniform of a civil guard of long, long ago.

There were also several theories posted by netizens who commented on The DailyPedia’s article, including the usual argument that this was a sloppy photoshop job and another claiming this was just a trick shot taken at the perfect moment so that the person’s (most probably a woman based on her bag, claims netizens) head was not seen in the photo. Others say she’s actually wearing a blue veil which appears to be the clothes of a man seated to her right.

What do you think?

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