Top 3 “Pick Up Lines” by Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago

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miriam defensor santiago pick up lines

Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago is a woman of great intelligence and wit, coming up with many funny anecdotes and her famous “pick up lines”. Even in serious topics and lecture events, the senator can make you laugh with witty punch lines. Many of these are coined as “taray pick-up lines” and she seems to have a retort for every situation or a fitting line for all types of people.

There are too many of these witty 1- or 2-liners to mention here but we’re picking 3 of the best we’ve heard so far. These are pick-up lines relating to love. Warning! These are funny but could be cheesy if you don’t know how to deliver them correctly.

3. Sabi nila, a picture is worth a thousand words. Pero noong nakita ko ang picture mo, tatlong words lang naisip ko: I love you! 

Of course, there is no literal interpretation to “a picture is worth a thousand words” but when the senator used that context here, I can’t help but laugh. It’s witty and could make the girl of your dreams laugh. Who knows? She could be your girlfriend if you feed her with these funny lines!

2. Kapag mamamatay na ako, huwag na huwag kang pupunta sa libingan ko kasi baka tumibok ulit ang puso ko.

You didn’t think a cemetery can be the subject of a pick-up line, right? Well, this one is quite funny and a bit scary – just imagine what would happen if this were true? Of course, it’s just a joke and should not be taken literally. The good senator actually has a lot of dark jokes that touch on death, dying, and murder (Alarm clock ka ba? Kasi pagising ko, ikaw ang una kong gusting patayin!) but I don’t she’ll act on those “threats”.

1. Pangalan mo palang kinikilig na ako, paano pa kaya kung magka apelyido na tayo?

This one tops the list because I like how the situation turns from an introduction to a marriage proposal. That would surely be the fastest love affair in history to lead to the altar – if the girl suddenly shouts “yes!”, that is.

It’s great how Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago can make us laugh with these short quips. Let’s end this short list with a tongue-in-cheek note that we can all easily relate to: Minsan gusto ko nang sumuko sa love. Kasi sa panahon ngayon, coconut oil na lang ang virgin, tanghali na lang ang tapat, bilihin na lang ang nagmamahal, kinikilig ka na lang kapag umiihi, at Motolite na lang ang tumatagal.

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