A Tub of Large Blocks, A Toddler’s Dream

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Our little boy is still learning how to walk but who said he can’t have fun while crawling on the floor? Well, we bought him a big tub of large blocks to play with while he still can’t explore the world on his own two feet.


Attractive colors and the different shapes of the blocks made them interesting to his eyes, perhaps, but his attention span is still so short that he just wouldn’t play with them for more than 30 minutes. Of course, I’ve learned with his older siblings that you should never force anything on your kids, just let learning be a fun activity for them and they can actually learn more.

Alright, first off, these were not Lego blocks (too expensive for our limited budget) but I believe that the brand doesn’t matter that much as long as the toys are safe, colorful, and looked nice enough. Plus, our son spends most of his time throwing them away than creating anything, really, so blocks with a local brand work perfectly fine for us.

By the way, am always curious if other moms buy stuffs for their kids based on brands. Sometimes I do, I must admit that, but mostly check for cheaper options that offer a similar quality and appearance to the big brand ones. I call myself a wise mommy but, perhaps, I just don’t have enough cash? Haha

Anyway, going back to the blocks, the little angel actually loves to see them topple over more than the actual job of creating, for instance, a tower. He’d scream with delight and laugh hard when the blocks tumble down and scatter on the floor. Does that mean he’s not going to be an engineer but will be in demolition, instead? Funny.

The little kiddo is just 1-year-old but we’ve also taught him how to help return the toys in their proper place. He actually helps return some of the blocks inside the box but ends up throwing out more pieces on the floor. Don’t worry, mommies, I believe he’ll be able to do better in that chore in the months to come.

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