Two Pitbulls Shot in Separate Incidents in the Same City in One Day

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While pitbull owners would beg to differ and probably tell everyone that their dogs are the most loyal and loving ones they’ve ever had, most people still believe that the breed is dangerous and should never be brought to a public place, even if they are leashed.

Two separate incidents that happened in Portland, Oregon on the same day might prove that these people are right all along and that pitbulls are best left at home, not paraded or walked in the streets.

One of the incidents involved police officers who were responding to a domestic violence report at a home near Northeast 39th Avenue and Halsey Street in Northeast Portland. Sgt. Pete Simpson revealed that two dogs came charging at the police officers, forcing them to shoot. One of the dogs died.

The cops revealed that they first tried to fend off the dogs but because they were fierce and the cops did not have protective gear that would guard them against the dog attacks, one of the officers was forced to shoot one of the dogs and it died on the spot. It is unknown what happened to the other dog.

Dogs in Photo is not the actual Pitbull in the story

The second incident happened outside a coffee shop near the 7700 block of Southwest Capitol Highway in Multnomah Village, also in Portland.

A man was just enjoying coffee when two pitbulls attacked his dog. As he had a concealed carry permit and the pitbulls were attacking his dog, the man did not have qualms on shooting the fierce dogs. One of the dogs died on the spot; the condition of the other dog is unknown.

The cops are not charging the man for killing the dog as it had been attacking.

Source : Oregon Live

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