Unbelievable but Beautiful: Dog Recognizes Owner’s Scent from Organ Recipient

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Dogs are known to have a keen sense of smell – something that humans have always banked on by using dogs to sniff out bombs, drugs, etc. This is also one of the main reasons why dogs can find their way back home even if they were lost far from home or why they can easily find their owners even in a huge crowd of people.

But are dogs smart enough to detect their owner’s scent from an organ recipient? Of course, that might be quite unbelievable, maybe outrageous but it might actually happen in real life. Who knows?


In this fiction-based video, a dog was seen to be constantly accompanying his master as the old man enjoyed his life. The two were the best of friends and it was easy to see the strong bond between them. He waits for his human outside the café even if he wasn’t really leashed and tied to a post outside.

One night, however, the old man suffered a stroke and subsequently died. The dog was confused as he waited outside the hospital for the old man, his best friend – but the man never came out of that hospital again.

Not knowing that his master had passed away, the dog waited in vain for his master to come out.

Then, days after the old man was brought to the hospital, the dog detected his scent once more. The loyal creature rushed to the door of the hospital but it wasn’t the old man who was there but a woman – but the dog could smell his master in that woman’s body! It turned out she was among the recipients of his organs.

The video was actually an ad for organ donation but it surely is a touching reminder of how a person can still continue his/her life even after death, by giving others a chance to live a longer life through organ donation…

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