Woman Pulls Out Biggest Lump of Earwax From a Guy

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Ask any ear expert and they will tell you that earwax is necessary to protect your ears. It is normal to have them and it helps in keeping your ear from dryness and itchiness. Still, it is important to clean the ears regularly to prevent excessive earwax accumulation which can cause earache, partial hearing loss, ringing ear, coughing, or bad odor.

After watching the video below, you will wonder if this guy has ever cleaned his ear. It certainly seems he’s never done that at all!

On a recent WereBlog report, we get to read about a man who complains of ear pains and so they use a pair of tweezers to find out what could possibly be causing the blockage.

They quickly find out it is indeed ear wax that’s causing the pain – and a big lump at that!

Removing the lump wasn’t easy and it took several attempts. They only managed to pull out the large lump after the fourth try. And the size was really huge! Everyone in the room couldn’t help but scream.

Since being uploaded on YouTube, the video has reached more than 7 million viewers.

Several netizens left interesting comments about it.

Victoria C (Life of Vi) wondered “Why does everyone start screaming?! This poor bugger’s just got the hearing back in his ear, and everyone’s trying to deafen him!” The comment received more than 200 likes.

The Wiwiee commented “He now can hear the heartbeat of ants.”

On the other hand, puffle610 asked “When was the last time you cleaned your ears? 1900’s?” while Aaron Miller said “I know I can’t be the only person to find this extremely satisfying.”

Before hitting the play button, let me warn you that this is a stomach-churning video. So don’t even bother watching unless you think you can stand the grossness of it. Otherwise, feel free to click the video below and see for yourself:

Source: WeReBlog

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