Swing Moves by Itself in Empty Playground, Leaves Netizens Terrified

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There are things and events that are difficult to explain yet they happen, anyway. Sometimes people get to catch these strange events and things on camera – and the footage can get quite terrifying, especially if you are someone who believes in ghosts…

A video recently shot at Khyala B Block Park in Khyala, New Delhi in India has left netizens terrified because a swing appears to move by itself, despite the playground being empty.

Photo credit: YouTube / Manoranjan Bhadauria

What makes the video rather strange is that it was shot in broad daylight. After all, many of us have this notion that ghosts and spirits only appear during the night yet this one was braver than others, making it scarier, actually.

The clip shows an empty playground, with two swings seen within the camera’s frame. While the swing on the right remained stationary, the one on the left could be seen moving on its own. Since there was no one inside that play area, it was rather spooky to see the swing moving.

Things got scarier when the swing moved faster and higher! Can you just imagine what might have happened if a child was on that swing and the ‘ghost’ moved it violently? Whew!

Check out the video and prepare to be scared…

Do you think that was a ghost in action?

I thought someone pulled it up and let it go and ran away …. but the when it slowed down and started again I had chills,” one netizen wrote.

While many netizens think some supernatural being was to be blamed for the swing’s movement, many were skeptical. Several commented that the video seems fake.

Photo credit: YouTube / Manoranjan Bhadauria

That isn’t even remotely scary …could just be the wind or even someone pulling it with a string or something,” someone wrote.

But if it was just due to the wind, why was the other swing not moving, eh?

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