11 Free Online Courses To Boost Your Resume And Career

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Just because you are no longer sitting in the classroom five days a week does not mean that you don’t need to study anymore. Keep in mind that hiring managers love an employee who is constantly improving himself. If you are serious about fast-tracking your career, you always need to demonstrate that you are willing to learn and to grow.

But you do not need to take a Graduate Records Examination nor you are required to get another degree in order to build your knowledge bank. You can be marketable without taking a Master’s Degree.

There are many online education courses that offer you the opportunity to build your knowledge — in a pace that works according to your schedule.

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There are a lot of online courses that you can take during your off days or after your work to boost your resume, to learn something new, increase your chances of landing a job, and even earn a promotion.

Here is a list of the free online courses that you can take to help you grab your dream job or boost your career.

  1. Ultimate Resume Makeover Course: Get Your Dream Job

Your resume is your frontline. It speaks about you when you are not in front of the hiring manager.

If you cannot remember the last time when you update your resume or gave it a thorough reevaluation, now is the time to do that.

Your resume is the single most critical component of your job applications so you need to impress anyone who will see it. This course helps you refresh your resume or curriculum vitae using the critical keywords. It also gives you tips on how you can create customized resumes, depending on the job.

  1. Introduction to Public Speaking

Whether you are still applying for your dream job or you are aiming for a promotion, both of them will need an interview.  This is an 18-hour intensive course to improve your oral communication skills. Public speaking skills are needed during the interview as you will be put on the spot to sell yourself to the interviewer and to answer tough questions.

This course teaches immensely useful communication skills techniques that will strengthen your interview skills and help you later on when building your career. The skills you will learn are also useful when making presentations and even speaking during meetings.

  1. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

Every aspect of your career involves negotiation. From answering the tricky questions during your interview process to negotiating your salary during a job offer, making deals with your clients, and even asking for a raise.

This course teaches a multi-purpose strategy that you can use in all situations that involves negotiation. It includes how to negotiate with other people to what kind of negotiation tricks you should apply, depending on the situation.

  1. High-Impact Business Writing

No matter what your field or level of expertise is, a strong writing skill will always give you an advantage as a job applicant or promotion candidate.

During the application process, you would need to write well to craft a strong cover letter to impress your future superiors. You also need to communicate effectively with your clients and co-workers through email correspondence. You will also be tasked to compose engaging emails and compelling presentations.

The High-Impact Business Writing course is a four to eight-hour course long but it is worth your time. This course teaches not only the different types of business writing that you will be making but also how you should write to them, depending on the situation. It also tackles how to respond to business letters.

  1. Building a Personal Brand

According to the instructor behind Building a Personal Brand, Gary Vaynerchuk, this course is tailored for anyone who realizes that we’re living in a time when anyone can form a business or brand around something they’re passionate about.

This is a two-hour course with 50 lectures that cover different topics ranging from self-awareness to discover what your passion is. It also includes a breakdown of how to use the different social media platforms to introduce yourself to future clients as well as how to monetize your traffic and let it work for you.

  1. Effective Problem-Solving and Decision Making

In any workplace, conflicts are inevitable. Managers appreciate employees who approach issues in an intelligent and intentional manner.

This course, which runs for four to eight hours will teach you how to assess problems, to evaluate solutions, and to anticipate risks using real case studies. It readies you in a possible real-life situation that you might encounter.

  1. Alison Project Management Diploma

Project Management is applicable to any industries, so learning about it can be of your advantage. This course covers everything that you need to know about Project Management. It also teaches you how to apply the best techniques to your own job.

The Alison Project Management Diploma may take up to two hours of your time. It begins with the basics up to the best practices of a successful project management. You will also be tasked to dive into a project management case study to apply everything that you learned from the course.

  1. An Introduction to Operations Management

Are you dreaming of becoming a manager or a part of the upper management? What do you think the steps are to become a manager?

Before you reach your goal, it is important to impress your superiors and take on more responsibilities. To obtain the management skills without actually being a manager yourself can be difficult but this course will teach you everything that you need to know.

The An Introduction to Operations Management is designed for executives and business students. It teaches the fundamentals of business processes and aids you in solving the real problems that companies face.

This course is also helpful if you are preparing to apply for a Master’s Degree in business administration, a degree that will help you in moving up in the ranks of your organization.

  1. Achieve More in Less Time Using SMART Goals

Do you have a game plan in mind which can get you to the next level of your current career? If you don’t have yet, now is the time to create one using the SMART system!

SMART stands for specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound. This course teaches you the technique on how to better manage your time and efficiency skills. It also tackles how you can incorporate its broader use when achieving your long-term goals.

  1. Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

Even if you are not in the field of finance, you need to have a basic understanding of your company’s financial strategy. After all, if your long-term goal is to be on top management, you will handle different financial tasks including budgeting and making financial reports.

The Finance for Non-Finance Professionals course will not only provide you with a comprehension of how your role interacts with your company’s larger goals, it will also help you in making your own decisions, both in your professional and personal lives.

  1. A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment

Once you are on the job, it is important for you to be happy, fulfilled, and satisfied. Your emotions greatly affect your work. If you are happy and enjoying, you can create satisfactory to impressive results. However, if you are stressed out and wanting to quit, your performance may be sub-par.

Your satisfaction in your personal life, as well as your contentment in your current career, are interdependent. The A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment course can help you in obtaining a positive work and life balance and cheer you up on your prospects even if you are still in the middle of a job search.

Make sure to add the relevant courses that you have taken not only in your resume but also in your LinkedIn profile.

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