Huge Snake Gets Tangled On Hair of Twins

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Identical Twins Get Large Snake Tangled in Hair

When you visit a popular attraction called Alligator Alley, the first thing that will definitely come to mind will be, of course, alligators.

Located in Summerdale, Alabama, this “swamp sanctuary” actually houses hundreds of alligators and wildlife which makes it a fun, memorable destination for many youngsters.

And definitely, Alligator Alley became very memorable for twins Fiona and Scarlet Mallory. It’s a bet that they will never forget what happened to them in this place for, well, possibly their entire lives.

The identical twins, both 5 years of age, literally found themselves tangled in a slippery situation.

Besides, a huge python got caught in their hair while they were visiting the park!

According to UPI, a trainer was present in the place to help them both. He carefully untangled the serpent out of the girls’ hairs. One of the twins was immediately freed and she quickly ran away from the python. The other one wasn’t us lucky and it took a bit of time before they managed to take it off her locks.

Talk about a literal snake braid hairstyle!

We absolutely have no idea how the snake got in their heads in the first place. On top of that, the video description didn’t provide any additional information either.

What we know is that we probably would’ve freaked out if that happened to us! Kudos to the twins for staying calm (although obviously a bit scared) during the entire scenario.

The video was taken last Sunday by Stephanie Mallory, the mother of the twins. She uploaded the short clip on YouTube and it has since received numerous views and shares. The news also caught the attention of many websites all over the globe.

Let’s all watch the short footage here:

Source : UPI

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