3 Summer Window Display Tips for Visual Merchandisers and Retailers

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Summer is one of the most common and poplar themes being used in window display, may it be for clothing or any other types of merchandise. It is also the season when people can see colorful and lively windows.

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As tool to capturing shoppers attention, a window display of any store should be well designed and of course well set-up because the best known window display design is nothing if it is not properly implemented. There many things to consider on dressing your display window for summer but here are the three tips to help you get started.

1. Choose schemes that are trending.

Before you will get confused, a scheme is like a sub-theme.  You can have many schemes in just one theme. Say for example your theme is Summer, you can have a surfing board window, snorkeling window and summer blooms window – in this case, you have three schemes under your Summer theme.

Remember that one of your goals when setting up window display is to connect with the people who are passing in front of your store, because even if you were able to capture their attention yet they cannot relate to what you have presented, the first phase of your effort will become useless.

People can easily fascinated into what they have experience, what they have heard from their friends or what they have read from Facebook. Anything that is trending usually become more viral even offline.

Think about how can you use ‘Candy Crush Saga’ as background of your window display for Summer or how can you use the ‘Iron Man 3’ on your next project. I am not sure if ‘Candy Crush Saga’ will still be popular in Summer but I am sure that Iron Man 3 will be talk about by many in this Season because it will be showing in May this year.

There are many popular and trending schemes that you can use, you only need to a keen observer.

2. Save extra dollars by recycling.

I often mention this on my other posts about window display and visual merchandising that as much as possible, integrate recycling in your display projects. It is because not only you can save extra dollars, which you can use for other important things such as electric bills, it is one way of reducing garbage.

Especially during this time that we always hear an issue about global warming, we need to be more responsible individuals.

On my blog, I have tutorials on how to use corrugated cardboard, plastic bottles, old posters and other used materials as window display props. You can use them for free.

3. Don’t use too much bright colors.

I will not argue that you need to use bright colors during summer, but what I am referring to is the TOO much bight or those colors that are very close to luminous.

It is glary during Summer and we do not want that no one would like to see your window display because it is no more eye-friendly because of the very shocking and brilliant colors that you use.

If you have to dress your mannequin with very bright colors clothing, make sure to select a background that will neutralized the color of the product. It is all about visuals and you are dealing with the eyes, so make it sure that your Summer window display will stay eye-friendly.

I hope that post can help you make your project more interesting. Thanks for reading. Godspeed.

About the Auhor  : Jyppe A. Quidores is a print design and visual merchandising specialist. He blogs at The Creativity Window about (but not limited) visual communications and their application to retailing. His articles include useful visual merchandising tips and easy to implement window display ideas that could help retailer drive more sales.

Image Credit : Issey Miyake & Dyson window display by roryroy

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