Guardian Angel? Mysterious Man Saves Girl from Car Crash Then Vanishes

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ABC 5 called it “a baffling and beautiful rescue” while the rest of the world dubbed it as the “Missouri Miracle.”

After 19 year old Katie Lentz’s car was accidentally hit by a drunk driver, she was trapped in her mangled vehicle.

As shared by BoredomBash, rescuers struggled to get her out but the teen had only one request – she wanted to pray out loud with them.

Suddenly, a man dressed in a priest’s suit while carrying a container of oil appeared from out of nowhere – that is despite the fact that the area has been blocked by the authorities for about a mile from one end to another.

The mysterious man asked if he can anoint the victim and he was allowed to do it. Eventually, he assured them everything will be fine. The neighboring fire department then arrived on the scene and they were able to successfully save Katie.

They turned to thank the “priest” but long before they can do that, he was gone.

One of the ABC anchors even claimed that they reached to “15 churches within 30 miles” on the area but no one can tell who the man was. To make things more puzzling, there were more than 70 photos taken at the scene of the accident but they never saw any signs of this mysterious rescuer.

As for Katie, she endured 6 ½ hours of surgery and suffered from broken bones but Carla Churchill Lentz, her mother, says that her daughter’s beautiful face and smile are “untouched.”

Who was this priest? Was he a guardian angel? No one can explain but he surely was an angel not only to Katie but for everyone who witnessed this modern miracle. Sound off in the comment section and let us know. Also, feel free to share this uplifting post with your social media friends.

Source : BoredomBash

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