Man Ends Up Winning $30,000 after Buying Wrong Lottery Ticket

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For most of us, making a mistake means having to deal with negative consequences yet one man actually got lucky when he made a blunder.

Bob Sabo of Easton, southwestern Connecticut, went to buy a lottery ticket at Super Stop & Shop in Fairfield but the queue was long that he decided it would be better to buy his tickets using a vending machine but because he has never used a vending machine before and was not wearing his eyeglasses, he mistakenly bought one $30 ticket instead of two $20 tickets.

His chances of winning had definitely gone down yet the blunder made him richer by $30,000! It was a good thing he made a mistake – or he would never have gotten such a large prize at all.

How fantastic it would surely be if mistakes always give us such great blessings as Bob received instead of dealing with the bad things that often occur when this happens.

Since the store he bought the ticket from was the seller of that draw’s top prize winning ticket, it will receive a bonus of $300. It is amazing how that blunder created a wonderful ripple effect.

Source: Huffington Post

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