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SEO in Perth is no longer straight and simple. Responsibilities of SEO experts have significantly increased and if we are talking about newest trends in the field, there has been a spurt as seen here. So how is it possible to keep abreast with the same? Well, if high rankings are your target you just can’t ignore these in any way and rubbing shoulders with them would possibly help you in keeping up with the fast-pace of the SEO run.

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Google and its algorithms

While most people are seen to make big issues of the strategies and tactics involved in SEO, a big number of them do not pay heed to the alterations that Google keeps on inflicting on its algorithms. But yes, it’s a fact that Google do make whopping changes in the field, irrespective of whether website owners/webmasters notice them or not.

For instance, before rolling out the Panda & Farmer updates, Google predicted that such alterations would affect almost 12% of its search page results and so it did. While inferior-quality pages were impacted and penalized, sites with high-quality content were awarded too.

The Scraper update likewise scaled down spam levels by scraping out sites that contained higher levels of duplicate content.

The Caffeine effect

If any SEO change is going to affect search results in a more innovative way than before, then it’s the Caffeine search index. At least 50% newer results are brought up with this indexing modernization. Caffeine now enables Google to evaluate the cyber front in limited batches and regularly update it, thereby enabling a new-fangled page to be appended straightaway to the index, faster and quicker. Web traffic therefore finds fresher info sooner than before.

Search socialization

Social media has started to affect SEO in Perth more than before, and as it appears, Google has started making changes on the basis of user action and social networking platforms more vehemently.

The social networking connections that you have and the amount of ‘sharing’ that is done by you are therefore definitely going to influence your website’s search traffic volume more in 2013.

Site speed is the new ranking indicator

Although it does not have as much weight as page relevance, site speed is definitely held by Google now as a rank indicator. Why? Because when browsers are able browse through more due to quick speed, they appear to be happier. So yes, minimizing site load would help you to pop up more in SERPs this year.

There are many more trends in the pipeline but if you are aiming to get the best results for SEO in Perth, these are some of the most basic ones that you must not ignore.

About author: Shahyan is a SEO Analyst who writes for several SEO Websites including Ezine.

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