The Role of Social Media in the Society

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We can already define social media according to the terms. When we say media, the ideas that come to our mind are instruments used for communication like a radio or a newspaper. Social media, by the way of being social, is composed of society or persons interacting with each other. Social media is a social instrument of communication, as it is described in the best way.

In regular media, you only have one-way communication in which the material only provides the information. Example of this is television. This media could provide visual information however, we, as viewers and receiver of the information can’t give feedback to the one who sent the message.

social media

On the other hand, social media is a two-way communication that gives us the ability to communicate to.

In other words, social media follow the process of communication.

The communication process contains different elements. These elements are the message, the sender, the channel, and the receiver. The channel used in the social media is the internet. Just like being in a conversation, the receiver is able to give feedback to the sender. This is advantageous because the sender will be able to know if the message was delivered appropriately and also, the sender will also know the view of the receiver to the idea he/she has received.

 Now we hear social media and social news. Many confuse one to the other because they associate news to media as if the two are similar things.  The fact is, social news site is also a social media site and it falls as a category of the latter.

Social news falls only as a subpart of social media. Social news is different to social media as an apple a different thing to fruits. However, fruit can also be banana, grapes, lemons, and strawberries. There are also other categories of social media like social networking and social wikis.

 Now that we know what social media is, we go to social media websites. Social media is broad and covers a lot of websites. Though there are a variety of social media websites, their most common denominator is that there is interaction to websites and visitors.

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Social Bookmarking is a category in which websites are tagged and searching sites that were bookmarked by other people.

Social news interacts to people through voting read articles and commenting on them. Articles are decided as good if they hit a lot of likes and positive comments and feedbacks. The most common example is yahoo news. This is good because people can voice out their reactions to certain issues.

Social networking is another category of social media and is very popular. A huge example of this is Facebook. In Facebook, like all other social networking sites, you can comment on profiles, join different groups and have discussions with different kinds of people online.

Social photo and video sharing are also a hit on the internet. People upload video and viewers can comment on the uploader’s submission.

Wikis like Wikipedia and Wikia are informative and interact by articles and editing existing articles.

There are still other categories of social media that are not mentioned. Any websites that lets you join to the website and interact with other guests can be classified as social media.

social media society

In this generation, social media are very much accepted by the society. It is even already part of people’s life that roles might change if it is taken away. Social media is not only for communication and entertainment purposed. It also can be used in business only if the right button is pushed.

Businesses don’t embrace social media because of their fear of loss of data. But this risk can be overcome through the application of technology and other controls. Security can be provided to protect the site from being infiltrated by hackers. Social media can be used to find, communicate, and deal with customers.

There are already a lot of online shops. A businessman can post their product online and shoppers can buy through the internet. It is quite popular nowadays since it is more convenient to anyone who doesn’t want to go out to shop.

Other form of businesses also make their websites to introduce their company and as a form of advertisement.

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  1. Learning more about social media let’s me realize the best methods of using it more effectively. Articles such as this show some underlying information for people who are just “thrown” into the use of social media without prior knowledge.