InfoGraphics on Blogs: Confusing or Supporting?

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Information graphic is a visual representation of information, knowledge and data that was created to aid statisticians and mathematicians to simply process information using a single symbol so that they can develop and communicate these symbols easily.

Lately, the issue on infographics has been the talk of the town in the blogging world. As information graphic arises a lot of questions from here to there defining if this can really attract more bloggers to your website or just a distraction that may lead to confusion with your internet viewers.


As we are in the computer technology era, the help of info graphics on bloggers is really necessary because they can invite more audience but some wanted to gain popularity or would like to catch more attention to the society.

If the people from previous generation love to write their feelings and ideas on a diary now you can post it on the web to show what you want to inculcate in the minds of everyone. Info graphics have been really a tool to attract surfers read your blog.

It’s so pleasant that an article with a lot of information leads to a creative imagination of the people but do they really aid you in finding what you’re looking for or you will be more confused that will only give you a headache?

It is true that info graphics can really help a blog site improve but there will always be advantages and disadvantage to these. I have enumerated the things that which I think the asset and limitation of an info graphic. Here are the following:


  • Creates a high market value for employers to advertise their product on the blog.
  • Invite more bloggers to visit their website.
  • It adds more spice in surfing the web and reading articles will not be boring.
  • It will be easier for the bloggers to decipher their article as images shows their topics.
  • The blogs will become more believable and realistic.


  • Graphics will make seeking information confusing. Most info graphics will not be directed to the point.
  • Color Blind people will have a hard time reading the article.
  • There will be biased on the gender of the reader, depends on the market audience.
  • There will be abused using of offensive graphics.
  • The info graphics will be only for high class citizens. People with less knowledge will have a difficult time reading the information.

Blogging has indeed the venture of the society in finding info’s and issues whether it will be informative or just for the feast of the showbiz personalities and Infographics has come a long way in the “Blogosphere World” as people love to blog and read blogs.

Infographics can either be an asset or a distraction but whichever reason you may choose Infographics has been a part of the internet technology and more advancement will be made just to spread the ideas that we want to share with everyone else.

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