Summer Drinks for the Heat Season

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Summer is fast approaching. As the said season entangles us, we need to find ways on how to stay fresh and cool even under the sun. The good thing is, the best summer chillers can refresh your body while improving your health at the same time.


Water is one of the top choices in satisfying your thirst. However, when it comes to satisfying your taste buds, best summer chillers are the great options. With this, you will find some mouth-watering summer chillers listed in this article. So, why not read on to know them more?

  • Iced tea. This drink can be mixed with different kinds of herbal teas out in the market. When green tea is combined with peppermint, you can make a beverage full of antioxidants that can reduce toxins inside our body.
  • Coconut water. This is one of the best summer chillers that are available in any corners of the road. This contains vitamins and minerals particularly potassium which helps reduce blood pressure.
  • Watermelon Mint Smoothie. Watermelon contains high cancer fighting lycopene and vitamins but zero percent of cholesterol and fats. This invigorating cooler will help your regular diet. It is also best for breakfast and snacks.
  • Mango Panna. This is one of the all-time favourite fruits during hot season. Mango panna is easy to make and quite refreshing. It also prevents the occurrence of heat stroke cause by the sun.
  • Thandai. This traditional chiller is made of ingredients like melon seeds, paste of almonds, saffron, rose petals, cardamom and fennel seeds. Cold sweetened milk is also added to this drink. More so, Thandai can certainly give you a refreshing feeling while maintaining a healthy diet.
  • Ginger Lime Drink. As an alternative to regular lime juice, try adding a teaspoon of ginger juice per glass to make a new flavour of traditional lemonade.

So, if you wish to refresh your body this summer, why not try these coolers and enjoy the summer season? Besides, such drinks won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Have fun!

Image Credit : Fresh Coconut Water by Phú Thinh Co

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