Entertainment Guide for Philippine’s Festivals

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Philippine’s culture is no doubt rich and diverse. With this, both Filipinos and foreigners are captivated with its traditions and ethnicity. In fact, the wide range of festival makes this happen. So what are the must-see Philippines’ celebrations that you should include in your list?

The cultures and traditions of a country reflect how complex its history is. As for the Philippines, festivals are just one means to explicitly show a part of it. In fact, these practices happen not just in one part of the country but at different locations. More so, each has unique approach of portraying their pride.

So check out the following happenings or events with this entertainment guide!

Sinulog Festival

Of all the Philippine festivals, Sinulog in Cebu is the grandest. It is renowned not only in the Philippines but as well as in abroad. This is because it commemorates the Filipino’s acceptance of Roman Catholism. Many devotees of Sto. Nino visit Cebu to participate its celebrated mass and fluvial procession.

Sinulog sa Lalawigan by dbgg1979

Aside from its solemn commemoration, Sinulog is also considered to be a cultural activity. Its grand parade showcases the diversity of Philippine culture from different contingents. So you’ll get to view a range of street dances from different localities.

Masskara Festival

Your entertainment guide also highlight the Masskara Festival of Bacolod City. It symbolizes the Filipinos happy attitude despite the piles of problems encountered in life. In this event, the participants of Masskara wear masks with smiling faces and bright costumes.

Masskara Festival – Bacolod City by Jeff Pioquinto, SJ

The Masskara Festival is held from October 1-20 wherein both the local and foreign visitors can enjoy the feast for 20 days. They can drink, dine and dance on the streets. Competitions also add fun and enjoyment to the crowd. These include pig catching and pole climbing.

Kadayawan Festival

Kadayawan Festival is also known internationally. This is considered to be as the King of Festivals in Davao wherein different tribes show their indak-indak sa kadalanan or street dancing. More so, it also celebrates the Davao City’s icons such as Waling Waling,Mt.Apo, Durian and Philippine Eagle.

Kadayawan sa davao by digypho

Other popular festivals in the Philippines

The mentioned festivals in this entertainment guide are not the only celebrations that is held in the Philippines. There are also the Ati-Atihan Festival of Kalibo, Aklan, Pintados of Leyte, Panagbenga Festival of Baguio City and many more.

With these happenings in the Philippines, you will get to know the Filipinos’ culture. In addition, you can feed your eyes with the talents and brightly-costumed performances. So all you have to do is enjoy!

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