Graphic Design 101 and Tips

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Graphic design is the fresh way of artistry. It involves the use of applications and software in the creation of ideas. The most basic of these are flyers, invitation cards, brochures, and certification. Back in the days, designing was only possible on a tablet of stone, now you can easily do it on our tablet devices like iPad and Samsung Galaxy. For effective communication to occur in such designs, color and themes are combined to attain the final presentation. Graphic design groups are four.

There is an image-only based type of design. Here you can only use images in telling the story. Pictures, paintings and drawings all fall under this category. Most people are said to understand the information better when they see the so-said information in action, and this is done by photographs. Then there is the type-based or word-only type of graphic design. In this, you can use word in telling your idea. Words and letters can be modified and designed to bring out the best of the pictures. Such can be done by increasing or decreasing the font, underlining, striking or even changing the color. The third design is created by combined the former two, while symbol and logos can be used in creating the forth category.

If you have a blog, the skills of graphic design must be well depicted in your shopping blog. In most cased, many people prefer the image and typed-based types, which works well. If you will be using any type-based design, it is critical that you use the same font color and size for your posts. Justify alignment of text is the most appealing of the alignment designs. When using pictures and colored fonts, make sure the two designs blend. Above all, you must reduce the number of images per page to guarantee fast-loading pages. Visitors will browse away if your pages take long to load.

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