Fan with 29 Miley Cyrus Tattoos Wants Them Removed After Singer Calls Them Ugly

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How far would you go to “worship” your favorite popstar?

We’ve all heard about fans doing crazy things for their idols but this guy absolutely takes the cake.

Apparently, this fan took his fandom to the extreme by getting a lot of Miley Cyrus tattoos on his body.

Meet Carl McCoid, 42 years old, who currently has 29 tattoos dedicated to the singer. The tattoos range from three full portraits, several song lyrics and titles, plus the word “Miley” spelled on his knuckles. In addition, the father of three even named one of his daughters as – you guessed it – Miley.

According to a Unilad article, McCoid began acquiring the tattoos after his divorce and so far, he has already spent about $5,000 for all the skin art.

The fan’s tattoos attracted a lot of online attention, both from netizens and from the media. Eventually, it reached even Miley Cyrus herself.

However, the pop star wasn’t all too complimentary about it.

In an interview, Miley was asked about the tattoos and she bluntly responded by saying “There’s a dude that holds a record of the most pictures of my face… and they’re really ugly!”

Of course, the fan from UK wasn’t happy about the comment. Also, it didn’t help that Cyrus has also blocked him on Twitter.

In his own interview, he later declared “I’m only regretting them now. I never thought about it too much, but they have had a psychological effect on me… It made me realize I didn’t like them.”

As the reports tell us, McCoid is looking forward to having an extensive (and expensive) laser treatment to remove all the tattoos on his body. On top of that, McCoid is hoping to find a new girlfriend.

Here’s a short video report from Complex News about McCoid’s unusual body shrine:

Source : Unilad

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