Fortune Teller Scams Man of $718,000 for Time Machine and Reincarnation Portal to Meet True Love

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After meeting a woman named Michelle in Arizona in August 2013, one New Yorker fell so desperately in love with her that he sought the help of a fortune teller to bring them together.

The 32-year-old unidentified man came to see 26-year-old Priscilla Kelly Delmaro to seek her assistance. The fortune teller told the man that based on her psychic readings evil spirits are keeping Michelle from meeting him.

Although they are “twin flames”, these evil spirits are supposedly keeping them apart, the fortune teller claimed. Priscilla told the man that they needed to build an 80-mile bridge so they could trap these spirits; afterwards, he and his true one will be able to meet again.

Trusting the fortune teller’s judgment and longing for Michelle, the man readily gave her $80,000 for this bridge. Moreover, he readily gave up a Tiffany ring and Rolex totaling $70,000 for the protection of his energy and to cleanse his sins, reports Mirror UK.

After learning that Michelle had passed away on February 17, 2014, the man was devastated but the fortune teller promised she could build a reincarnation portal and time machine. He lost his home and his car in the process – and even had to resort to borrowing from friends and family to fund his quest.

The man spent $568,000 for these inventions and for trips to Los Angeles to search for the woman whose was supposedly the recipient of Michelle’s soul (says the fortune teller, of course). When this search for the ‘new’ Michelle proved fruitless, he began to suspect that Priscilla was a fraudster. Though she gave him a money-back guarantee, she would give him back his money after the failed search.

For this, the man finally realized he was being scammed. So, he reported her to the police. Priscilla was charged with grand larceny along with a man named Bobby Evans, her companion. According to their lawyer, however, the two are innocent of their charges.

A lot of people are wondering why it took the man so long to realize he was merely being duped by the bogus fortune teller.

Source: Mirror UK

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