Parents Discover Feather from Their Baby’s Swollen Jaw

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feather from baby jaw

Sometimes the most unusual of circumstances happen to babies.

Such as in this story where couple Aaron and Emma Whittington noticed that Mya, their 7-month old baby, is having on her jaw. At first, the parents thought it was merely a severe pimple but suspicions started to grow when they noticed that the lumping problem on the skin was already getting bigger.

WereBlog reported that according to Emma, “She’s been pulling on the left side of her face for a couple of months” but thought maybe the problem was just a mild ear infection or perhaps signs of early teething.

The worried parents decided to take their child to a clinic for a check up with a pediatrician when the swollen ‘pimple’ grew almost as big as a golf ball. The doctor diagnosed the baby and said it was nothing but a simple infection.

Eventually though, the Whittingtons figured out something was really wrong.

A few days after the diagnosis, the couple noticed a strange thing from the swollen spot – something was obviously sticking out. They took their baby back for another check up and much to their shock, the pediatrician discovered that Mya had a 2-inch long black feather underneath her skin!

The doctor immediately went to work to remove the cause of swelling while wearing gloves.Although no one can explain how it happened but the probability here is that the baby inhaled the feather accidentally and then it pierced her skin. Or maybe Mya found it and put it in her mouth as babies typically do.

This serves as a lesson and a warning for all parents out there who may have young babies at home. Watching over them can take a lot of work as they grow but is really very important to avoid circumstances like this.

Check out the video report here:

Source: WeReBlog

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