How to Live Frugally

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Being frugal does not mean you have to be a cheapskate. Instead, it is about being wise on your finances and eventually saving a portion of it. So if you are an eager beaver when it comes to saving, then this page is for you.

Aside from savings, there are other reasons why you should practice a frugal living. If you have debts and wanted to pay them off, then this is enough reason. More so, plans of making an investment for your future or family can also be included in the count.


The million-dollar question is how can you be frugal without compromising your daily needs? Check out the following tips on frugal living.

  • Be healthy. This is one sure and effective way to practice frugal living. Being healthy will minimize the cost for medications, doctor’s fee and even hospital bills. Besides, you can be more productive.
  • Don’t shop but buy only what you need. Impulsive buying is one of the culprits of being broke. Therefore, buy only the things that you need and stop from peeking on other fancy items. Once you have bought such item, get out from the store.
  • Bike or take a walk. Do you have to go somewhere nearby? Visit someone or buy something? If you think the place is just near, better take a walk or use your bike to arrive at your destination. This will save you from transportation fares and eventually help you get some exercises.
  • Check for used items. If you need something like a table for your dining room, check out first whether the people you knew have such item that they do not use. When you find one, you can buy the item but just make sure that it will last for years.
  • Frugal gifts. When someone close to you celebrated her birthday, do not go and buy expensive gifts. Instead, make something personal and consumable. If you think you are good at baking cakes, better give it to her as your present.
  • Cut electricity cost. For you to save a lot, cut down electrical bills by plugging out unused appliances such as television, laptops or computer. More so, minimize use of air condition and simply open the windows.

There are sure a lot of ways to frugal living. The ideas above are just a few and in your own ways, you can find other ways to save on your finances. Eventually, this will definitely help you save, pay your debts and make investments.

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